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For hassle-free, professional services that you can trust, choose Ark Tech Autos. Based in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, we’re experts in providing car body repairs, alloy replacements, and much more for local motorists. We’re on hand to provide the car body repairs that you need, specialising in everything from minor scrapes to collision repairs. Additionally, we provide commercial clients with a fleet maintenance solution that minimises their downtime.

Our Auto Repair Services in Wycombe

P2 - What We Offer

  • Body Repairs

  • All Mechanical Works

  • Accident Repair Centre

  • Car Alloy Wheel Replacements

  • Car and Van Tyre Replacement and Fitting (Almost All Makes and Models)

  • Dent Buffering

  • Alloy Wheel Welding, Buckle Repair, and Refurbishment

  • Major Car Repairs

  • Minor Damage Repairs

  • MOT

  • Servicing

  • Valeting


Car Body Repairs

With years of experience, the team at Ark Tech Autos can undertake all car body repairs in our fully equipped body shop in Wycombe. From handling minor damage, including scuffs and scratches, to making major repairs, we will ensure your car comes back to you looking as good as new without costing the Earth.


MOTs and Servicing

At Ark Tech Autos, we offer MOT testing for just £45. This is for an exceptional, reliable, and trusted service is part of a range of robust maintenance services for your car. Working in line with all your car needs, we ensure your safety and that the vehicle runs as it should.

We also provide MOT reminder emails and messages, meaning you never miss your due date. A reduced price of just £17 for an MOT is available when it’s booked alongside a full service with us. You can rest assured that we only use the most technologically advanced tools to complete the work and for full diagnostics to be run quickly and efficiently, saving both time and money.


Alloy Wheel Welding, Buckle Repair, and Refurbishment

Many people assume old, dingy-looking alloy wheels needs to be replaced. However, our refurbishments offer a cost-effective alternative. Using special tools, we repair scuffs, cracks, and discolouration, restoring the alloys to like-new condition. This money-saving service breathes new life into your vehicle.

There are lots of reasons to choose this service, including:

P2 - MOT and Servicing

  • It’s Affordable

  • Air Leaks Are Removed

  • Cracked Wheels Are Repaired

  • Buckled Alloys Are Repaired

  • Custom Wheel Colouring Is Available

  • Wheel Straightening Is Available

  • Same-Day Services Can Be Arranged

  • A 24-Hour Turnaround Is Usually Provided

  • Your Car Is Much Safer


Window Tinting

Our specialist team make all sorts of voluntary cosmetic modifications to vehicles. Car window tinting is one of the simplest and least expensive modifications, providing a dramatic effect. In little more than a morning or afternoon, this service can completely change the way your vehicle looks on the road while offering you more privacy.

Fleet Maintenance Specialists

Vehicle maintenance is essential, but the inconvenience it causes your drivers isn’t. When your cars are off the road, you’re losing time and money. Minimising downtime doesn’t just cut costs; it also improves the efficiency of drivers and ensures they have access to a vehicle when they need it. Controlling your fleet operations is a complex and time-consuming task that poses many challenges, from vehicle acquisition to in-life management and vehicle disposal.

When you’re operating a business-critical car or van fleet, mistakes don’t always just have negative financial impacts. They can also result in lower customer satisfaction levels and compromised driver safety, which in turn put your organisation’s reputation on the line. Outsourcing some, or all, of your fleet management services frees up your time, allowing you to focus on priority issues. It also significantly improves fleet performance and reduces risk for your business and its employees. That’s not to mention the potential cost reductions achieved by hiring our team of experts to run your fleet more efficiently.

Working with All Vehicles

Thanks to our diverse expertise and experience, we carry out work on vans as well as cars. In fact, we capably work with almost all types of vehicle, maintaining high standards throughout. When your vehicle has an issue, give our team a call. We will discuss the problem over the phone before requesting that you bring the vehicle to us for an inspection. Following the inspection, our team will advise on the issue and provide an estimate for the work required. If you agree to the service, we will book your car or van in at the next available opportunity.

Doing the Job Right

The team at Ark Tech Autos are so confident in the work that we do that we are happy to provide full guarantees. In the extremely unlikely event that something goes wrong with the repair, we will be happy to resolve the issue immediately. However, with an excellent track record and the fact that we very rarely see cars or vans returning because of a problem resulting from our work, this is unlikely to come up. Our success rate, as well as our excellent customer service, has led to us developing an enviable reputation.

“Completed the Job Efficiently”

“Very helpful and completed the job efficiently. Nice complimentary car to drive in the mean time, too!”

“Efficient and Very Reasonable”

“Very good. Friendly efficient and very reasonable.”

“Polite and Helpful”

“Great quick service. Polite and helpful staff. Next time when I have a problem definitely call them.”

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